Cheap, Easy & Available

I had a boss a number of years ago who loved the phrase: cheap, easy and available. It made me laugh every time he said it and I’ve adopted it in many situations Today, I’d like to apply the phrase to paint.

Given the latest project The Renovator and I have taken on, I’m reminded that I love paint. Compared to the majority of home improvement projects, painting is both easy and cheap. As for available? Just look around and you’ll find numerous stores dying to sell you a bucketful. Paint is the very definition of cheap, easy and available. And that’s a good thing because, that current project we’re working on? I’m not loving it.

I am not loving how orange Aztec looks on the fence. It was much more brown in the store

I am not loving how orange Aztec looks on the fence. It was much more brown in the store

We started painting the fence, and as often is the case, the colour looked great in the store – not so great when we applied it. Yet, two redeeming points have reminded me of my love of paint:

1) It’s the first coat, you always do two coats – I don’t care what the TV ad said

2) Paint is easily covered by more paint

We’ve painted nearly two gallons worth and haven’t yet completed the full first coat of the fence. As we head back to Rona for more paint, we will get enough of the unfotunate orange-toned “Aztec” to finish the first coat, then the second coat will be several gallons of a browned-out verion of Aztec.

Wild colour choices pay off

Wild colour choices pay off

I like taking risks with paint. My office is an example of how wild fun colours can turn out great. When we renovate this house, and the room my office is in, those passionate colours will change to more neutral and sale-acceptable tones.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with paint. If it doesn’t work out it’s always cheap, easy and available!



Ronda Payne

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