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Why do I Write?

“As a child, I put a lot of needless pressure on myself. I never felt comfortable expressing my feelings and I certainly wasn’t happy with who I was. Despite being an extrovert, much of my time was spent reading – discovering new people and the worlds writers created; just ask me about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. I also learned that the people who told the best stories (like my dad) generally gained the attention of others while amusing them.

I turned to pens, pencils, even an old white manual Brother typewriter to tell my stories. It was my way of expressing emotion and bringing the ideas in my head to life.

I still use my skills to tell stories, but in addition to my own tales, I enjoy telling the stories of others in ways that help individuals, businesses and concepts garner the attention they deserve.

By helping others have the voice I didn’t as a child, I am the most fulfilled.”