Taannia Flahmeri

Thank you ever so much for the brilliant writing work that you’ve done for my company’s newsletter this past year. The feedback from my clients is phenomenal and they always look forward to the next. I strongly believe that your diverse background in marketing combined with your passion and unique writing skills, is what truly sets you apart from the rest and you do an absolutely outstanding job.

Shervin Communications

Ronda has worked with us on many projects and as in the past, she brought her usual bright, high-level of enthusiasm to this project. She was completely at ease working directly with the client and as a result had firsthand knowledge of where they were coming from & trying to get to. That knowledge created pieces that really hit the mark.

Andrea Walker

Ronda is a talented writer who also understands the importance of proper use of language in Marketing.  I love working with Ronda, not only for her skills, but also for her dedication to projects.

Grace Robertson

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Langley Central I would like to thank you for your wonderful newspaper coverage of the International Women’s Day Luncheon. It helped to spread the word and made it a very successful event.

Sofi Hindmarch

Thank you so much for a great article about the potential harmful effects rat poison can have on owls and other raptors. It was well written and also done in such a way that it wasn't finger pointing but more getting farmers and land owners to think twice before they apply such highly toxic compounds around their farms. Especially given that owls themselves do act as rat and vole control.

Bryn Jones

Thanks for writing the article about the bees in Country Life in BC. I saw it, just recently, and I must say you write well. You took good notes and made us sound intelligent. Thanks.

Nancy Gallagher

I just wanted to thank you again for that wonderful article you wrote about us for the Bugel. At that time we were just beginning our chapter... we were able to make over 300 blankets that year.
This year, we have accomplished more. We were able to make and distribute 742 blankets in Abbotsford and Mission!

Amazing what a few stitches, a needle or two and hands that like to keep busy can do to help a community.

We will always be grateful to you!

Writing Services

Why do I Write?

"As a child, I put a lot of needless pressure on myself. I never felt comfortable expressing my feelings and I certainly wasn't happy with who I was. Despite being an extrovert, much of my time was spent reading - discovering new people and the worlds writers created; just ask me about 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. I also learned that the people who told the best stories (like my dad) generally gained the attention of others while amusing them.

I turned to pens, pencils, even an old white manual Brother typewriter to tell my stories. It was my way of expressing emotion and bringing the ideas in my head to life.

I still use my skills to tell stories, but in addition to my own tales, I enjoy telling the stories of others in ways that help individuals, businesses and concepts garner the attention they deserve.

By helping others have the voice I didn't as a child, I am the most fulfilled."