Dirt Under my Nails

I feel a restorative sensation when I get my hands in the dirt. With this spring’s early heat, it seems everyone has been out in their yards and gardens early. And for good reason! It feels good to be outside – even little things like sweeping off the sidewalk or planting a few flower pots give us a lift.

My favourite gardener to work with

My favourite gardener to work with

Recently, my dad told me about the return of a health concern. He’s going to need to modify his lifestyle and way of doing things. News like this is always hard to digest, but, I remembered something I learned at a class about a month ago: in life, good things, neutral things and bad things are going to happen. I can’t control that. All I can control is my response.

And so, controlling my response led me to a decision. Since I can’t “fix” my dad’s health issues, I will spend as much time with him as possible and help out where I can. Last weekend, The Renovator and I went to visit my mom and dad. The Renovator mowed lawns while I weeded and planted flowers. My dad helped with planting, my mom made sure we were fed and kept us chatting. It was really a special day, so when I was done planting, I was surprised at how sore my back was! Yet, despite the back pain, I was enjoying the dirt so much that upon arriving home, I cleaned up a couple of my own garden beds and planted some herbs.

Just yesterday, I finally got into my vegetable garden. I spread compost, worked the earth, planted seeds, watered. It was again a simple reminder of how good it feels to be outside getting in the dirt. When I needed a break, I wandered around to see if last week’s herb seeds had done anything (they have!), plucked a few weeds and played with the dogs.

I suppose each winter this instinct hibernates, but when the spring sun arrives I’m reminded to get my hands into the dirt, plant some seeds and enjoy being part of nature.


Ronda Payne

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