Water, Water Everywhere!

You can drink it, shower in it, wash dishes with it… ah! Bliss!

I admit it, I’ve been lazy with regards to the blog, so my hope is to get two posts up today to make up for it. First, thank God for water pressure and a smart husband. As you may recall in the last stage of our saga, The Renovator and I moved into “The Mother of Ugly” in November with no water pressure. We’ve been having baths for 6 months because the water pressure was so bad it wasn’t possible to shower. A video reminder for those who need it:

water pressure

And now, for the update.

Instead of spending the $7800 it would have cost to follow our original plan of hooking up to the water in the street behind the house, The Renovator, together with his muscles and brains, did the amazing by digging a trench 250 feet long, hooking up a new water line running the entire distance, bringing it into the house in the most professional of ‘after-construction’ ways, hooking it up to a new pressure valve, attaching the whole contraption to the house’s main-incoming pipe and then connecting it to the city water line. We saved $7400. NICE!

I had anticipated our one tiny problem – the kitchen faucet ‘couldn’t take the pressure’ literally. The hose in the old faucet blew. Fortunately, I had the foresight to buy an alternate faucet, so it was a small hiccup – and one well worth the end result. Take a look at this ‘now normal’ water pressure (It’s hard to appreciate in the video, but the kitchen faucet actually jumps there’s so much pressure – wheee!):

amazing water

Water may seem like a little thing, but now, more than ever, I love being The Renovator’s wife.


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