I'm Dreaming of a Bright Kitchen

Yes, I realize that I’m more than a few weeks late to be making a mess of Christmas carols, but it will likely be next Christmas (or later!) before this plan gets put into action.

We all know the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where everything happens. In our house, not only do we prepare food there, but we also talk, interact, hold up the counters with our butts while we sip tea or coffee and contemplate life. We stare out the window, feed the pets, read cookbooks and talk on the phone. It’s really the heart of it all. No wonder a kitchen renovation is such a massive undertaking!

There’s a lot to think about and because I love to cook, I feel an even greater amount of pressure to get it right. Fortunately, The Renovator and I have been through this before and are feeling fairly comfortable with the design I’ve come up with. It won’t be vastly spacious, but it will be more open than it is currently, certainly more functional, and will let in much more of that beautiful southern light we are so fortunate to have.

To begin, here’s a quick, silent video showing what the kitchen (trapped in the 1970s) currently looks like. You’ll see the new-ish, broken fridge, the old-ish, working fridge, the pantry door and the cat having a bath all in the light of a sunshine ceiling:


Now that you’ve seen the aged environment we live in, here’s the floor plan of what we intend to do:

My Dream of a new Kitchen

My Dream of a new Kitchen

As you can imagine, this is no small feat. If you’ve ever done it, you know that renovating a kitchen is a bit like camping in your own house for several weeks! You have to be well organized, have your materials ordered and planned at the right times and be very patient. When we did the kitchen at the last house, I spent 3 weeks washing dishes in the laundry sink.

To make this plan work, there will be a lot of wall removal, moving a door, bumping out a window to create a window box, gutting the lighting, ripping up the flooring and tossing the ‘very pink’ cabinets.

While the process can be challenging, one needs to keep their thoughts on the end result – a beautiful new kitchen. I love the planning, the designing and ultimately, the better living a new kitchen delivers. It’s just one of the benefits of being a passionate renovator I suppose, and that’s why I love being The Renovator’s Wife!


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