Stenciling for cats

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I figure it’s about time to get back at it! In the vein of my Renovator’s Wife posts, I want to show how easy stenciling is  and how it can transform a room. Now, to be fair, I live in “the mother of ugly” house, so… Continue Reading

Cheap, Easy & Available

I had a boss a number of years ago who loved the phrase: cheap, easy and available. It made me laugh every time he said it and I’ve adopted it in many situations Today, I’d like to apply the phrase to paint. Given the latest project The Renovator and I have taken on, I’m reminded… Continue Reading


She wasn’t supposed to be with me. I wasn’t ready for another dog in December of 2002. Still mourning the chow I’d loved for almost a decade and a half, my near-ex husband decided another dog was in order. Giving in, I stressed, “when we separate, she’s your dog.” Brandie was 4. Her October birthday… Continue Reading

I’ve committed to what?!?!

As a recovering Type A personality, I still struggle with finding balance in my life. The thing I find most challenging is that the thought of letting someone down causes me great stress. A lot of times I’ll take forever to commit to something, or I’ll commit, but won’t give a timeline – that’s because… Continue Reading

Dirt Under my Nails

I feel a restorative sensation when I get my hands in the dirt. With this spring’s early heat, it seems everyone has been out in their yards and gardens early. And for good reason! It feels good to be outside – even little things like sweeping off the sidewalk or planting a few flower pots… Continue Reading

I’m Baaaaccckkkk!

After an amazingly long journey, I’m back to blogging. It took a very, very, very long time to get the new web site up (I finally found the right designer – Andrea Walker of Walker Park Media – who did a brilliant job; then like the cobbler with no shoes, it took me ages to… Continue Reading


When it comes to working with a writer, you have to see what they’ve done to get a feel for their style. Here are a few of the Girl with a Pen’s sample projects – don’t see what you’re looking for? Just drop a note through the contact page and ask. Review some of the… Continue Reading

When New Doesn’t Mean New

When you buy a pre-owned car or house, generally speaking, you say something like “I bought a new car” or “we’re moving into a new home” even though it isn’t ‘new’. Over the past few decades, we’ve grown used to the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle. While renovting often is a case of ‘out… Continue Reading